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Tile and Grout is today’s most popular solid surface for floors,
backsplashes, and showers; virtually anywhere a home or business has need
for an attractive and durable surface.

Everyday we talk to people who are no longer happy with their floors,
showers, and other solid surfaces. As time passes, the surfaces become
increasingly difficult to keep clean. This is because of the natural
accumulation of grime in the grout. Everyday cleaning of hard surfaces
introduces the grout to grease and dirt. This can allow the growth of
bacteria, odors, germs, mold, mildew and other contaminants. Every time a
tile floor is mopped, more grime is pushed into the grout, deteriorating the
appearance and potentially damaging the grout. Showers can have their own
set of problems with the accumulation of molds and mineral deposits.

Tile & Grout Guys offer a valuable solution to this problem. Read more about
the Tile & Grout Cleaning process.


They often look fine and the grout looks in good order until it starts to rain.  Then the beautifully tiled balcony starts to drench whatever is underneath.  Tile and Grout Guys have sealed and regrouted many balconys on the Gold Coast over the storm season when the problem becomes apparent.  We advise that you check yours soon and during a storm to ensure the creeping water is not making it’s way inside.


While a normal clear sealer offers protection from stains in the grout
lines, a color-seal application can make your grout lines nearly
stain-proof. Most soil and spills on a color- sealed floor can be cleaned up
with ease. If you do not like the color of your grout, in most cases you can
select a new one and change the color without removing the grout. You can
have a new or different look without the mess or expense of replacement!


Tiles and silicone can become not only dirty but also damaged as time
passes. Tile & Grout Guys offer the solution of regrouting your tiles and/or


Jazz up your kitchen with a brand new kitchen splash back. It really adds to
the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and has been proven to increase the
overall value of your home. We can take apart your old tiled back splash
then move on to retiling it with your brand new tiles.


Broken tiles can be unsightly to look at and broken soap dishes are
dangerous with sharp edges. Once repaired you will be thinking why didn’t we
do this ages ago.


Over time mould grows in grout and silicone lines for a number of reasons
could be cause of soaps and hair products, ventilation, cleaning products.
Replacing the grout & silicone is a great way to clean and freshen up a
bathroom as well as giving the tiles a good deep clean


We only use high quality 100% flexible and Australian standards approved
silicone products in a wide range of colours.


Tile & Grout Guys take care in laying tiles and has a genuine passion for
tiling. We are committed to providing you with an excellent experience &
great customer service. We are a young & fresh company. All of our tillers
are constantly improving their skills to offer you the best job possible.


Tile and Grout Guys have the ultimate surface cleaning machine ready to use
for your home or workplace.

The Rotovac force extractor is a multi-purpose machine. It has a high
performance vacuum and the high quality solution pump that gives
unparalleled results.

Superior performance – The Rotovac can handle the toughest jobs due to it’s
hot water extractor,

high-pressure cleaner and two 3-stage high-performance vacuum motors.

Versatility – The machine can be used as an extractor with a powerful 1200
PSI for cleaning tile and grout; or a carpet and upholstery extractor with a
durable 250 psi pump.

With a 30cm tile cleaning tool you will be surprised at how quickly and
efficiently your tiled floors and grout can be cleaned.

Hard surface cleaning need a professional to do it with all the right
equipment. If you tackle this yourself then the liklihood is that you will
waste hours of your time to get a comparably inferior job.

The machine can work with a wide variety of areas including:

. Restaurants

. Schools

. Garages

. Bathrooms

. Pavements

. Grouted tile

. Ceramic tile

. Rubber studded floors

For a custom solution to a tile or grout problem contact us.