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Happy Clients

Tiling in South Brisbane

We received a phone call from a potential client in an apartment complex in
South Brisbane. The client explained over the phone, that he had pulled all
of the tiles up by himself and that in doing so he had damaged the concrete
leaving several holes. When we arrived to provide a free, no obligations
quote, we noticed that the concrete floor looked like the surface of the
moon. Following completion of the job, the once ‘lunar’ concrete floor had
been transformed into a great looking tiled floor – and the client was over
the moon!

Shower Repair

Mary-Anne had a bad looking shower with the grout falling out, the silicone
breaking away from the tiles, mould was forming throughout and the tray was
dirty too. Following completion of the job, it looked like a new shower!
Upon finishing the job and seeing the end result, Mary-Anne told the team at
Tile and Grout Guys that the shower didn’t even look that good when she
first purchased the home and that she wished she had been in contact with us
sooner. The job involved new grout and silicone throughout, the tiles
cleaned and pressure tested. Mary-Anne also thoroughly enjoyed the fact
that she didn’t have to clean before we got there and didn’t have to dust
down the shower the next day!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sarah had just had her first child and wanted her tiles and grout cleaned,
so when the little girl was ready to crawl, the floor would be as clean as
possible. After the tiles were cleaned she opted to have the grout colour
sealed also. Tile Grout Guys completed the job and just recently received a
call from her expressing how pleased she was with the result and how much
easier the tiles are now to keep clean.

Kitchen Splashback

Kim had a new kitchen installed and contacted Tile Grout Guys for a free, no
obligation quote to tile the kitchen splash back. Upon receiving the quote,
Kim was happy with the price and decided to get the job done. A great
looking splash back is evident in the photos following completion of the